British glamour model Sally Huxley

Sally blonde slim and trim perfect long legs so she was great for my sexy girls in stockings series, another bonus was getting underwear and lingerie to fit her was no problem at all as she had the perfect shape. She also had small breasts now to some models they feel that may be a disadvantage but not as far as I’m concerned and obviously many others as she has her share of fans.


Sally Huxley glamour model

Heidi mature hot MILF glamour girl

Continuing on with the more mature models meet Heidi small and petite just about made 5ft something but what a fit body she had and so sexy too ! one of here scenes when she slipped a toy into her hot snatch she just drifted off totally oblivious to the camera and just enjoyed some of the best orgasms she has had for a long time and begged for me to let her have the toy to take away with her.

I gave her the toy on one condition she comes back and blows her mind on more sexy movies so we can all enjoy her MO’s (multiple orgasms) if you don’t know what that means ! so here is on of her first movies and she looks good in all my vintage kit that I like to dress models in.



Brooke long leggy blonde glamour girl

Brooke worked on a number of shoots with me and then took over as a presenter on one of my Adult channel programmes where she interviewed new modesl for sexy glamour shoots and uasually ended up getting sticky fingers or being shagged herself and she was well up for it.

She also progressed on to do ladies behaing badly and Dr Anna St John so she was well used in a number of ways so to speak and loved it, so there are quite a few programmes and stills sets if you’re a fan.


Brooke British glamour girl in vintage underwear

Nikki Hepting glamour girl

Nikki was one of those models that would come and go, first shoot was for my Ladies behaving badly and she did some of my vintage glamour stills and video. She absolutely loved doing Dr Anna St John and Biker Annie so much so she came back for a second helping of my two favourite blondes. It was a suprise really as her first shoot when I asked her about working with other ladies she was a little reluctant, perhaps putting the idea into her head stimulated her bi-sexual feelings. When her first two girl scene got rolling she certainly looked comfortable getting into another girls knickers.


Nikki Hepting in vintage underwear video