Shakina Shergold and Julie Wright enjoy each other

Strip poker ‘You strip and I’ll poker’ two sexy babes enjoy more than the thrill of getting their kit off. Fingers, toys and tongues get to play when all the hands are thrown in and both are winners. Steamy Bi Sexual babes in action. Shakina and Julie gave this scene their all and quite simply they had the hots for each other and it showed so it gave some wicked footage from this shoot.

Duration 28 minutes


Two girls Shakina Shergold and Julie Wright enjoy lesbian sex

Women in underwear with lovely bodies

If you have a fetish for ladies in their underwear then you will enjoy this blog. Meet girls there like Fleur Rose and her fabulous natural breasts 34FF and she looks so hot in her lace underwear stockings and suspenders. Follow this link and go take a look,

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This babe Fleur Rose loves to show off and get her sexy bits or should that be tits out on camera

I love my job new glamour girls all the time

One good thing about shooting glamour you get to see, meet and hopefully shoot some really glamorous ladies. I was once asked if I had a preference my answer was yes, me personally I like to shoot fit mature ladies MILF types who have the ability to use their feminine charms and experience. Basically if they look good, can tease the arse off me, talk dirty and be rude on camera then they’re the girls for me.

I get new models sending me pictures all the time and the ones that send a really good lingerie, stockings and high heels glamour type shots always have more appeal if they look good. However not to say I’m a chooseist I can look past the open leg images with girls showing off their tonsils if you look into the pinky, I don’t over look them I have to look past that to see what the overall images and video that girl could look good in.

The trend now is more mature 30 plus ladies are getting brave enough to get their kit off on camera and all praise to them. I’m very lucky in that I prefer the models to keep their underwear, stockings, and high heels on and with the right choice of garments the model can feel more comfortable at not being totally naked. Strip and tease as I call it is very popular¬†and fortunately the world is full of people who like the glamour more than the get them off let’s get shagging style, epecially the underwear, stockings, pantyhose and the vintage kit too.

Going back to my youth I can well remember seeing the ladies in their Frocks with slips and petticoats showing and if the wind blew a glimpse of panties and stocking tops was a bonus. Then the mini skirts arrived great to start with as the stockings and suspenders came more into view and panties too but then it got killed off by the knobber that invented pantiehose ! he/she should have been publicly flogged IMO.

But in saying that seamed pantyhose on shapely legs can look quite sexy so I’m not totally biased but do prefer the ladies legs in nylons. What always suprises me is the models who turn up for a shoot with just a bra and a thong thinking that all they have to do is lose them and be sexy, sorry girls not here the more underwear you have on the more the tease is and long will it remain that way.

Glamour girls in uniforms DVD

Check this out one of my popular DVDs

Girls in uniforms have always been popular so we have put together this mix of 3 hot sexy babes in WPC uniform, a fit babe know as Nicky McKnight in the saucy French Maids uniform and Sammy in her own Show Jumping uniform and yes she does ride horses and would love to ride you so Giddy Up get your COPY HERE.

Duration: 109 Minutes

Sammy Jane takes a break from arresting all the villains out there and tells you her story and how she likes to relax at the end of a hard shift.

WPC Sally now this is one lady they could bang me up with she has a very sexy voice and a really hot horny body with all the kit on under her uniform. Great 1-1 scene as she talks you off and an insatiable pussy that likes being filled right up.

Sammy loves riding horses and when she agreed to show off her uniform and how sexy she looks in it and out of it too we jumped at the chance plus she wants to share it with you in this 1-1 scene.

WPC 99 Jackie Brown now this hot MILF is fucking rude and very horny we even had to stop her cuffing the cameraman and fucking him but she made up for it by enjoying a really horny 1-1 session with you the viewer.

French maid Nicky strips and teases set to music and soft-core strip but entertaining just the same.

Sixth former Carrissa should be doing homework but she would much rather show you what a slut she is and how her party piece is taking down her panties and showing you how her wet cunt can smoke a cigar and yes smoking is not good for your heart either !!

Glamour girls in uniforms on DVD

Roxy the mature but very naughty sixthform slut

Mature but doesn’t want to grow up meet Roxy in her 40′s but loves to wear her old school uniform and be as naughty as she can be and she gives a good example here of just how naughty she can be. Really fit lady was Roxy and as mad as a hatter to work with so I can imagine if she was like that at school she would have spent more time in the bicycle shed that the classroom looking after the boys in her class.